Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I owe my present position in the court to Chuck – Him and I had a heated discussion on Mandamus filing. . . His position was to encourage me to do what is in my heart and I did.

He did not try to talk against my mandamus he just thought that waiting would have been the best this. In the wait of MUNIZ has gotten help to people who have done 10 years on the registry but me I an a year and 2 month short of 10 years. ACT !) wants me to complete 10 years.

I was removed from the registry 9 February 2018, from SORNA by “voluntary cessation” on PSP part to get me from a “judicial determination” that has appeal rights.

The PAG wants the court to dismiss terry brunson Mandamus for Mootness.

If the court does – I will appeal to the Pa. Superior Appeal Court. may loose there but the promise land court is next the PASC. It may that me 3 years to get there. Under an applied challenge I am in position to help all Act 10 Pre-SORNA people like muniz was.

The PAG and PSP and the Pa Assembly – think that the issue is punitive vs non punitive or Civil vs Criminal under Smith v. Doe from SCOTUS. But the real issue it – Does ACT 10 violation due process of a hearing before Pre-SORNA people are attached to it.

If ACT 10 is applied without a hearing first – Ii is violating the Pa, Constitution under procedural due process and substantive fairness of no hearing.

The PSP cannot tar and feather without a hearing – in like they cannot ACT a Pre-SORNA SO without a hearing.

ACT 10 just has to get to The PASC to find its match – ACT 10 is dubbed a MUNIZ fix . . . . . But MUNIZ will fix ACT 10.

MUNIZ has a punitive element to show Violation of PA Constitution in increase punishment from 10 years to 15 tier 1 10 years to 25 tier 2 and 10 to Life tier 3 The PSP and PAG looks at the Punitive thinking fix that you kill Muniz – – – wrong look

ACT 10 has not punitive element to look at – but all is needed to show that ACT 10 violates the Pa. Constitution on due process of notice and hearing deprivation on liberty reputation and hearing to show facts