Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

This is the link to terry brunson case on MUNIZ mandamus and now ACT 10 fight

I am planning to give NOTICE OF APPEAL as soon as my Mandamus is dismissed.

My PSP letter that took me off the the registry 9 February 2018 only to put me back on 21 February 2018 under ACT 10 in violation of the PA. Constitution Article 1 Section 1

I am the next man up to appeal to the PASC on the issue of ACT 10 application.

I can file an injuction to stay off until appeal is final. But in ACT there is a phrase that says a person under ACT 10 must register while on appeal.

The letter that the PSP sent me open the suit of the mandamus to added ACT 10 to my Mandamus.

I expect the Commonwealth Court to dismiss my Mandamus because ACT 10 is a Muniz -Decision Fix. The PSP took me off the SORNA registry and changed my SID # and put me back on the registry under ACT 10 in the midst of an active court Mandamus.

The PSP and the PAG don’t realize that ACT immediate application to me violate the Pa. Constitution on having a hearing before ACT 10 should apply to me.

My Mandamus is still active – for now. I have in my vision to go as high in court room as MUNIZ went and that is all the way to the PASC.

The PSP has 30 days to give all Pre-SORNA people notice 90 day notice dead line is MARCH 23, 2018

Then Every Pre-SORNA person will have 90 days to comply and re-register. All SORNA updates will meaning nothing they are void. That dead line date is MAY 21, 2018