Reply To: “Social, not geographic, proximity facilitates sex crimes.”


Tier 1,2,3, was something I did not know about till 2014. My grandson who was 18, pleaded guilty to being with someone who said she was 16. The DA had him write down that he did it. His plea was Tier 1. He was told because of what he pleaded guilty too, they needed to make sure he was not violent. We all laughed, this was not who my grandson was. It was the Commonwealth against my grandson, not the girl, or her mother. Needless to say, when the SOAB, which is the Sex Offender Assessment Board did their evaluation. The SOAB went off of others information, which was wrong, this was what was being said to my grandson when they questioned him. They never talked to the girl, who would have made things right. He had paid for a new attorney who said he could win this. Needless to say he was labeled a Tier 3 something that he is not. So when I hear all the bad things that they want to do to people labeled as Sex Offenders. I know what the Governors are doing is wrong. I know what had happened to my grandson was wrong. Some say it is all one sided, the public only hears bad, bad, bad. They put on the TV, little children saying he told me not to tell, it hurts. No wonder the public look at all Sex Offenders as someone with a little child. That is the image that we need to change. It should always be that the SOAB talk directly to the other person involved. Not going off of information that had been mixed up for convenience sake.