Reply To: Residency restrictions “Significantly more restrictive…gone too far”


Will Crump

Well, that call to action is all good, well and fine. I agree totally that something needs to be done on a national level. I have just one question. How can that be done when most of us, like myself, can’t even get a job due to our convictions and the plethora of work restrictions. To do something takes money. When one doesn’t have money one has to hope a lawyer can be found who is so invested in fighting ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT-BACKED INJUSTICE that they will donate the hours upon hours of time needed to fight this, the fortitude to withstand the blackballing of his or her name and the slander and threats that will be sure to follow.

Here in Tennessee, the TN chapter of the ACLU has proven about as useful as teats on a boar hog in times past when it comes to sex offender issues. Their stance is we’re going in beaten so we won’t even waste a single cent or minute of our time trying.