Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Mark
I wish everyone could understand the importance of staying current like you do. Yes, the Muniz Court said “X”, but Pa passed a new law to get around that decision. Perhaps we will win our Act 10 challenge but until we do, we have to follow what PSP says, like it or not. It is the only way the courts and the public, in general, will listen to us. If we can’t even be bothered to fill out a form when we are told to, no one is going to listen to our arguments. I did not know that Act 10 made our internet identifiers non-public. That was a huge concession on Pa’s part. I kind of wish they didn’t do that so we would have one more arrow to attack Act 10 with.
I have seen the U.S. Marshal Service go after non-compliant offenders. No, it wasn’t me. It is not fun if you are the offender. Guys, put your pride aside for one minute and fill out the form. Yes, the registry sucks. However, by railing against the system, no one who matters is going to listen to you. Act 10 will be challenged. It is going to take time though. Also, by being non-compliant, you are violating a court order, which they frown upon when deciding who should get bail.
Bottom line: Like it or not we have to submit to the authority of the PSP, Attorney General, and the General Assembly. That is how our society works. No one who believes in “law and order” is ever going to help someone who couldn’t comply with a court order or a directive from PSP. Their directive may be illegal, however until a court says so, it is considered legal and binding. This is how our legal system works. If we want a redress of our grievances, namely the registry is illegal and shut be shut down, we have to do it within the system. No one expected the Muniz ruling. I bet this time around if Act 10 is found to be criminal, the Pa Supreme Court is going to have a few choice words for Pa. As much as they hate sex offenders and they love the registry, there is no way they would defy the Pa Supreme Court head-on. If the Pa Supreme Court said you can’t make a new law, they would have no choice but to give up those offenders affected. As the internet becomes a part of everyday life, the courts are going to realize that they cannot permit the registry. The 8th amendment is going to save us one day. Until then, STAY CURRENT