Reply To: International Travel


in January 2017, I was able to Travel to the Philippines without any incident. my crime was back in 2013, and I had already completed my probation. my conviction is classified as a misdemeanor and although i do register, i am not listed in the public/online registry (i’m only searchable by Law Enforcement)

a year later, in February, 2018, I was denied entry into the country. the Immigration officer notified me that their laws prohibit entry for All RSO, and perhaps i was “lucky” to be able to enter the country last time. they stated that they are getting updates from INTERPOL and I will no longer be able to enter into the country.

I was immediately returned back to the states on the next available flight. the Immigration officer here in the states told me this is normal and I should not expect to be able to travel to any country. My wife and I would really like to be able to travel. I wish there was an easy way to get a straight forward answer if the country you intend to visit will deny you. it would sure save alot of money and time.

after reading some of the messages here it sounds like travel to the EU would be possible which gives me hope of being able to still have normal life where i’m not constantly being punished for my worst mistake.