Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jane Doe

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OK so help each other understand the actions of the PSP by looking at this piece of public information.
His offense occurred in 5/30/1995 according to the website. His conviction was in 9/17/2015. There was a minor involved as victim according to details provided publicly. His registration start was 2/9/216. Last update was 2/6/2018.
On that page below is says:
“Sexual Offense Conviction(s) Recorded In
PA Criminal History Repository
No Offenses reported.”
…which leads me to believe that he was convicted out-of-State of PA.

Now when I look at the pictures updates, some of it do not seem to match with a yearly, half a year, quarterly, or monthly in person checks. If he qualified for mail-in updates (which I do not know if he did and I can not see a tier level 1, 2, 3 or SVP) then that makes sense. What does not make sense is if he started or was made to register on 2/9/2016 why are there pictures not matching the 10 day period for in-person updates whether yearly, 6 months, quarterly or monthly (between 2/9 thru 2/19 of the month or year to update in-person) and there seems to be even actual pictures missing for in-person updates that are required within that 10 day time requirement. How? Why?

So, I am confused! (the way the legal system likes its sheep!) Why was his Tier removed if he is post SORNA? …All the while I see people with registrations pre-SORNA dating back to 2003 (easy to spot and remove) still on the registry. Nothing make sense with registries or LEO’s or legislators/politicians unless you are one of their club.