Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son


As I read the policy from the hospital as it was posted here, an interesting question came to mind. The policy blatantly banns sex offenders from being on their premises with no further detail. What about if you were there for a critical life threatening illness or injury? Their policy appears to say they are required to turn you away.

There is no doubt in my mind that in the hospital’s fillings for tax exempt, not for profit, charitable status their mission statement spells out something along the line of rendering care for those in need there of. Are there any hard hitting attorneys in PA who are willing to go after the revocation of that hospitals non-profit tax exempt and charitable status?

The Hippocratic Oath does not spell out, nor allows for, any difference between illness or harm being physical or psychological as in the emotional health of the child or the parents scared to death with the worry of losing their child to the grim-reaper. In fact, negatively compromising the emotional state of a patient has been proven to be extremely detrimental to the medical condition and outcome from the trauma or illness for the patient. So it can definitively be said that in these cases the hospital actually is doing harm to their patients! I guess that at this particular hospital the grim-reaper turns out to be the hospital administration themselves.

It’s high time that Churches, Public Housing organizations and now Hospitals have there exempt and charitable status taken away being they feel they can pick and choose who they want to serve. Guaranteed that if they included in their State and Federal applications the fact they would pick and choose who they want to serve they never would have been granted approvals in the first place, thus it’s time to hold them accountable and take it away. Just think for a moment what the reaction would be if a hospital were to have a policy saying they are required to turn away a black person???

So only as an idea for you guys in the fight there in PA, lets stop talking the talk and find someone to walk the walk — file against them where it hurts, in the pocket book and the public opinion! (I wonder if one of the competing hospitals would help your cause–huuuummm?) Our organization is willing to help.

As for the Churches that turn ESOs ( Ex-sex offenders.) away from their services, soup kitchens and shelters, if you employ hate under all the rhetoric you use in justifying exclusionary practices, you are NOT doing the work of God. God in all His forms, is about love and grace, NOT hate. He is about reaching out to help and aid the down trodden, not to exacerbate their condition. Doing so proves beyond any possibility of doubt that you are DEFINITELY NOT Christians or Persons of true belief at all, but simply nothing more than business’ that have found a way to not pay taxes while selling snake oil by the use of smoke and mirrors to minions that can’t tell the difference. ( I personally drive four towns away from where I live, literally past 30-40 other “Places of Worship”, to attend a church that specifically does not exclude ESOs.)

Besides, can you imagine how the State’s and Federal tax revenues would go up if these places had to pay taxes like the rest of us?

Just sayin—