Reply To: AZ RSOL speaks out about SO registration at college campuses


It’s such a no brainer. These laws are not being voted on by the public. We are all just stupid apes fascinated by sex…not scared. We want to know just for the hell of it…but if this were up to a voting public, it would not be just minor petty consensual sex offenders, it would be the hardcore home invaders and ruthless violent people who people would be more worried about. They would be even more hated than most sex offenders. People know by now that the registry is a sham, because it involves consensual relationships for the most part, and people know that. But a ruthless home invader who broke into their neighbors house and tied them up and left them for dead or either killed them…those are the scoundrels that the public would be actually worried about and would want to know if they were living next to one of those people even moreso than a first time sex offender who was a young man and had a consensual sexual relationship with a minor. I’ve heard of 25 year old referred to as kids by mainstream media….unless it involves sex. It has been proven that the mail brain takes up to the mid 20’s to fully develop physically. There is a difference between a 25 yr old who had sex with a willing or even sexually aggressive teen girl, and one who went into their neighbors house and just brutalized an elderly couple. When lawmakers are honest with themselves they will put more priority on the violent people, which is what it should be. Have you ever watched the first 48? Most all of the murders that happen to these people are done by violent guys with long rap sheets…