Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


We all should be thanking NARSOL for letting us sound off a bit about these sex sting operations. I know we all get upset about all this truspassing that law enforce seem to do in the name of public safety but what is the truth. We wil all be held accountable in the end.

It saddens me about this fellow from that “Glee program” that killed himself. Sure pressures build up in all people and their is just so much people can take, thats why we all should take action. Yes it destroy’s lifes like Shelia, Kendel and the others have said. A lot of this is over some Dateline NBC testing over an interne “shark bate proposel” Sure some public human encounters are of a real nature. Is all this evil.. sure it is… but when someone else gives one an opportunity its like a war of the wits and seems government wants to win.

People is that America. Fighting for others is good but when the opportunity is induced of this type, who draws the line? In a household type family situation of this nature does one go beserk or reconcile? Do we all jump to conclusions first? In a lot these circumstances the future is grim unless we stand up for all this type of human debauchery of a man made kind. No one is perfect not even government. In the end we all have hope to stand up and its up to all of us and thats what NARSOL is all about change and constutional rights.