Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief


According to the article (I wasn’t there when it happened, I’m not his judge,etc) it says he forced himself on a 4 year old boy. Lets take this in. FORCED sex on a FOUR YEAR OLD….BOY…..means sodomy. On a small underage anus with a full sized mans penis using force of his body to do so. This is the extreme worst example of sexoffenders.
This isn’t someone who was with a 17 year old who claimed to be 21 when he was 25. This isn’t someone dating a first cousin is a state that forbids it with a 5 year age gap. This isn’t parental kidnapping during a custody dispute that crossed a state line by 5 miles and no one got hurt. This isn’t two drunk coeds waking up and one not remembering things the same way as the other one. Heck this isn’t even the forced rape of an adult, or a teenager of the opposite gender, No…..this is the most extreme evil there is.

If you had to say “only one offense can be required to register and that’s it, pick one and everyone else gets off of it if you pick one that is the worst to stay on it”, it would end up being what this guy did.

And yet it appears that he did almost no time at all (most likely a heck of a plea deal-which isn’t that uncommon if you search the registries) Its messed up. I wont go into too much detail, but I work in a field where I have access to such information even more so than the average person. You see even what looks like lesser convictions be pleas from higher ones. And yet the consensual sex with an age gap gets FAR MORE TIME and higher listings often due to having less of a “factual basis” for a plea. Meaning the MORE you do the LOWER plea you can get in many cases. Since if all you did was date someone just beyond RJlaws, then there is nothing else to plea too. Have a prior for totally unrelated stuff (MIP, drugs, whatever) the sentence gets enhanced and you get a felont, half a decade or more in prison and life on the registry. While the dude who forced himself on his grankids gets a misdemeanor, probation, and off the registry in less than life.

Heck, even if you disagree with the middle content I just wrote……….the dude ADMITS he forced himself on a FOUR YEAR OLD boy. He admits this while talking about his change and etc. He admits he did this. That I support. Good that he admits it. That should be commended. But no he shouldn’t be allowed in ANY public positions EVER. He should have a GPS on him for life. He should have to be on every restriction you can imagine.
In my honest opinion if you FORCE YOURELF ON A FOUR YEAR OLD BOY, you should be mandatory life in prison, but I respect the idea of giving less for a plea (helps prevent people getting away with it but encouraging them to take a plea, I get it I do) Im glad that he didn’t kill anyone. I’m glad that it appears to not have been incest. I’m glad that he admits to what he did and wants to help society. That’s all worth noting in his favor.

BUT……..he should be limited on what he can do. Should there be housing and jobs options? Yes. If society wont provide them should we help provide them? Yes, I do think so (it is an unpopular idea to those who want only pain on them, but they have families and stuff, and those with jobs/housing are less likely to reoffend, I get it, I see it from all angles) I say build EXTRA public housing for those with offenses like these. Build them outside zoning areas and make sure to have laws that grandfather them in even if stuff changes, make sure they have STEADY AND REALIABLE LONG TERM housing. Offer them public transit to jobs in factories out of town too. Heck REQUIRE them to work or go back to prison (unless they qualify for SSI). Heck, even require the state to give occasional reviews to see if they are no longer a threat, but have a litmus test for it. Like a parole board, but for the tier of offender.

I worked in a few places over the years that were VAST majority felon. Many on parole. MANY sexoffenders. They were open about it. No one gave them a hard time. I was the odd one out for NOT being one. Many were decent enough dudes (and gals, there were more than a few actually attractive and young women offenders too) that I’d share share jokes, lend vending machine money, etc. But if they asked to see pics of my kids I’d say no and if they asked why, I’d straight up tell them why.


Let him work in a place I just described. He sounds like a leader. Let him rise to foreman. But keep him in a place like THAT, not as a public trust worker. No way in hell. IMHO.