Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


You make excellent points. I agree that the best, most effective means of effecting change in policy and practice is through legal proceedings. After policy change, people’s perceptions will be altered and thus more evidence-based, data informed procedures will be implemented regarding sex offenses.
Florida, not sure whether the worst, must certainly be among the worst states with either totally antiquated laws or narrow minded perspectives to their approach to such offenses. They have attorneys afraid of political climates to act on the best interest of their clients regardless of circumstance or evidence. Instead, they advise clients to take pleas and accept largely corrupt ‘evidence’ in cases.
Even previously law abiding citizens, without as much as traffic tickets are advised to plea out rather than fight for their rights to appropriate defenses. Even when the evidence disputes the facts, counsel prefers to avoid true testing of their litigation skills to defend clients. Thus, we create more marginalized groups. The system is flawed and more advocates are needed to truly either provide proper defenses prior to any ‘default’ convictions and/or post conviction change the systematic marginalization by default. Act, raise voices, unite and fight back, before most of us will be marginalized. It’s a slow process, but is sure unless we act now. What’s worse than having your name published for the world to see, or having your name published on behalf of positive changes, compassion and justice?