Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Act 10 will not be difficult to take down – The key case is Commonwealth v. Reed

Wish me luck as I dive all in for all RSO’s in Pa.all 10,000 of you that need relief from ACT 10. . . . .

I will soon be denied by the commonwealth Court of Harrisburg – I will then file Notice of Appeal to the Superior Pa. Appeals court – There too be Denied – and next will to the place Muniz promise land is the PASC. I will file for oral arguments still I can say with grace that Act 10 is in the way of all Pre – SORNA people’s liberty to reputation that needs to be clean to go forward in life.

The PASC needs to hear our voice through me. I have been chosen by God to represent all Pre-SORNA people as MUNIZ got us there – I will take over to Nick folds us through – Munia was the Carson Wence I will see you all at the top. the PASC will not stop until I get there. terry brunson