Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


Sometimes we all should smell the roses with this sex offender delimna we are all in. Yes these internet sex sting delimna’s are a cancer upon america should we try to say its man playing the devil or some taste teaster using sin as a common demonator. Ponder on that for a a bit. Now the bible say they law enforcment are ministers for bood but are they?

One wouldt really know that unless they walking thru a situation such as this internet sex sting ordeal nor would they really care. The bible says all things are lawful but not all things dont’ edify. Do sex sting operations edify? Is our freedom judged by another’s conscienc? Sure its nice to be safe but assuming to protect something is like assuming that Florida foot bridge wasn’t gonna collaspe. Now the government is trying put to blame on someone other than them such as the contractors or the one who built it. Its like we can’t tsake the blame as we are govement and we are perfect. Yes we should all stand up in our own states.

Remember we are ordained by God so we are perfect in every institution of law, or is it like we can’t take the blame for who’s president. Remember you are the little people and we have domination over all of you. Yes we can induce an opportunity to one because of safety, because We are the people now and you voted for us so you have no right to bitch to put it mildly.

The future to all this sex offender needs to be rehashed and revamped in a lot of ways. killing a person’s conscience is no good or are we all some sacrifice to their God.. which is money.
So where does “One nation under God” come in? Yes we should all be ready to seek a redress of grivance, and we do have God given rights, over all this and help others also in a lot of this endeavor. I am in Virginia and those that want to group together they can contact me at Truth must come out in all this for a lot of reasons the bible says offenses will come but by Minister of God for Justice when police are randomally assuming “grab’em by the pussy” makes one a sex offender or or just a sinner like everybody else that didn’t grab.