Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Had a meeting with my attorney today, he found errors in my transcript, typos if you will, also found something stating me right in the face, my so called victim was only 2 years age difference then me, what I was charged with was equivalent to indecent assault in pa, he found that sense I was 19 at the time of the crime there was a 2 year difference in age between me and my then girlfriend, in 1997 right after Megan’s law began lawmakers and DA’s had a hardon for charging anyone and everyone with anything they could that had to do with a sex crime or even close to a sex crime even if it washtmy family couldn’t afford a paid attorney so I got screwed, I was wrongfully charged with a crime, I was not braking any law at the time of my so called crime, how could I be so blind, or maybe I just didn’t understanding the laws, My attorney is requesting the DA lets me off the reg in pa my attorney requests to release my client from his registration requirements due to the law should have never applied to me to began with, I should have never been on the registry, EVER!!! The DA are the ones who say who is on and who gets relief, the psp reviews and the DA says yay or nay, that’s what I gathered from my attorney today, I’m thinking once all are off due relief everyone else with have to get a determination from courts, I don’t know if people are allowed to petition the DA’s I don’t know how that works, that’s why I had to get an attorney, Terry Brunson is smart enough and knowledgeable enough to do all this pro se, Terry I know the PAG and psp got you off, your time will be up before it is time to put you back on, but I understand what you want Terry and I applaud you for this,my attorney is going a different rout for my case, not 100% sure but I think he has friends in high places…