Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


I am completely heart broken for my 24 year old son having to register for a list that eliminates him from participating in his stepchild life. He is the idol of her little life. He takes her skating. Helps coach her soft-ball team. Was at every game all the things a good daddy does. He never did anything to a child, as a matter of fact, He was the child in my opinion. He was 21 and the woman was 51… Outrageous right??? It was a new years party with lots of drinking on both sides. She got caught by her children, friends of my son, and hollered rape. This woman should be registering on this list if my son has to. I feel this list is extremely unfair for circumstances not involving a minor. Now my son can’t do what he loves to do and be active in this little girls life and any future children he may have for at least 15 years. Maybe then he can be removed… guess what? the little girl will be 23.. He can’t attend church anymore. Go to fairs with the family, etc. The registry is actually hurting many many more children then its helping… It needs to be redone. I absolutely agree a person who abuses a child should be on it. At least have an adult registry and a Child abuser Registry with different restrictions.. What can we do to stop hurting children from this highly unfair Registry?????????
From a heartbroken mother…….