Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


ok, the psp gave me great details of things.
1, anyone who has not gotten a letter yet has not been removed completely.

2, the no tier and red letter active still tue same. Just means prior to SORNA there was no tier lvl.

3, people still showing up on the registery, removal part is for those who moved alot from state to state they have to get a hold of each state to verify of time on registery and to check for any other convections. It takes them longer to process. They total all time from state to state out of state offenders time crediting. Psp has to make sure you have the 10 year total from anywhere in the United States. A few here and there in each state counts if you traveled and moved alot like me.

4, psp dont like to tell people over the phone about much to an offender because, they dont have full criminal history that they need from state to state. Their system only shows what we see on the psp website. They cannot see other state’s behind the scenes other convections. So its up to the other states to provide info to psp. Then psp looks at it and takes me off the registery.

5, im confirmed to getting off the registry. Other states in progress to give psp info of and if any prior other offences and time served.

6, those who are off the registery or half off without letters in hand. Thier files was easy and faster due to less moving and or moved neighboring states. Me on the other hand across country multiple times.

7, now the most important thing is in rhe next week or two but. Mostly next week we all get letters in hand. This does not mean left over people who are still on the registery will remain on it. It only means that people lile me takes a bit of time to get all info of criminal offenses from other states and time on their registry cause it counts as totaling the 10 year.

Now final before hands that when psp kept moving people on and off got put back on and got off and put back on deal was that they were only moving people around at that time. Tier lvls etc….