Reply To: AZ RSOL speaks out about SO registration at college campuses


I think what is more confusing is how to gage ones level. If someone came from out of state to attend University there, then the level assigned to them is at the discretion of the registration officers. Based on (from my experience) loose guidelines. In essence a person with child pornography charges could be designated as a level one or level three, depending on how the registration officer perceives that individual and perceives the crime they were convicted of. This adds to the confusion and stress of any registered citizen wishing to move or take a new job, or attend a new school in a new state.
It also surprises me (although I’m not totally discouraged) that many states refuse to recognize the legal claims of another state. This means that if you transfer to another state that refuses to recognize another, then they still have to register you by federal law, but you then again fall into their own vetted system of registration, and everything can change.
It would be nice to have better information on how colleges, cities and states all classify their individual offenders. I’ve spent hours pouring over state laws, which are at best vague and open ended, and I believe purposely worded so, as to allow law enforcement and judicial interpretation. This makes it easy for arbitration or personal discretion on the side of law enforcement. However, for someone trying to just better themselves or survive, it can be an unwinnable and unsuccessful endeavor.