Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Josh, I was removed from the website earlier this week, the first I found out about it was Wednesday the 14th. On the 15th I called and that same day I received the letter. So I’m really not sure exactly when I was removed but I know it was probably earlier this week because I’ve been checking the website regularly.

And I am happy to hear that you were also removed; there is good news for many of us, but not enough until everyone is free.

I am grateful, and I am relieved, but I am also angry. The State is too powerful, it abuses its privileges and turns its citizens into animals. We are approaching a barbaric condition of inhumanity, not only here but everywhere in the West. The sex offender registry is a monument to this inhumanity and barbarism, perhaps it’s not even the worst example, but it is symptomatic of an evil trend toward treating people as nonentities. Most citizens in our society are complacent, they accept these intrusions into our liberties, the constant surveillance, the removal of our God-given rights, the violation of traditional protections in the name of progress. I see the registry as part of bigger problem, perhaps it is a stalking horse for the godless totalitarianism that is coming for everyone.

My time on the registry has taught me things. The lessons I have learned have changed my way of thinking about government, about freedom, and about my relationship with God. We are engaged in a battle of good and evil, and we have always been engaged in this battle from the beginning of time. Those of us on the registry are flawed, we are not perfect, we have committed criminal acts, but that does not make us evil. Christ Himself came to save people like us, and I pray to Him to shine His light on the World, and especially on His lost sheep who struggle every day to survive while pitted against the Powers and Principalities. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will be vindicated and rewarded if only we love each other as ourselves.