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@b. Webb. I’m in the same situation as your son. 10 years ago when I was 19 I used limewire to download a bunch of movies and music, like alot of people. I had come across some child porn and thought nothing of it in that I just ignored it but had neglected to delete it from my computer. Call it naivete. Within a span of 2 months of using the computer program I had come across several of these videos, and next thing I know my apartment was being raided by every law enforcement agency imaginable. My life was ruined because of this. I’ve gone through alot in the last 10 years, including several suicide attempts, one successful with a drug overdose to which I was, in some ways unfortunately, revived. I’m trying to do right and be a good citizen, but it’s hard to do anything when every little thing I change about myself I have to go in person to report to the sheriff’s office, beyond the twice a year registration requirement. I live in the house my parents have owned here in Florida for the last 15 years and while they live elsewhere we rent the extra rooms out. Every time someo me new with a vehicle moves in, I have to rush to take off work and rush to the sheriff’s office, as it’s only open for registration Monday through Friday from 8-4. At least if they’re gonna require us to do this they could allow for us to go on a Saturday when many people are off work. Anyways I just wanted to say you and your son are not alone. Hope this helps some