Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Here is what is going on the new law says anyone that has finished their time or was not required to register under an old law the new act 10 doesn’t apply to them. So the people that have been removed from the site PSP is pretty sure they fall into that category. So they removed them because the new law is in effect now PSP has to make sure that the people have finished their time including tolled time from new crimes, before the can send to a letter. If they find that they still have time then they will send a letter saying you now have to register under the new law. I believe the people that are still on the site PSP has decided they still have some time left that is why they removed their tier because it did not exist pre SORNA there may be some they have not found yet that will still come off and some that will go back on if they find they still have time left.