Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

The issue before us who are going to have to challenge ACT 10 is – DUE PROCESS –

ACT 10 violates both procedural and substantive due process.

Procedural due process is the something that must come before a freedom right is taken from you.

Question? What does ACT 10 take from us?

1. Liberty by (jail)
2. Reputation by (black balling the character)

People in Pa. under the state Constitution Article 1 Section 1 have rights to Liberty and Reputation to be protected.

Before the Government can take the rights there must be procedural – due process of two things:
2. A FAIR HEARING before a fact finder

In the case of ACT 10 – the Government (Pa. Assembly ) wrote ACT 10 into Law as a protection of their interest of public safety.

The Law was wrote but in it there is no clear explanation of telling you the procedural due process in Notice and hearing. In Violation of the Pa. Constitution Article 1 Section 1

The PSP gives 90 days to sign up notice but that is not procedural notice of why you are being put under this Law and explaining that you can have a hearing. ACT 10 as wordy as it is has no procedural on how to get notice or have a fair hearing.

We need notice on why we are under this law. What facts say we have to comply in 90 days?

ACT 10 takes away Liberty interest and attacks reputation without procedural due process of notice or a hearing Next we will talk about substantive due how that law is unfairly applied to one class called Pre- SORNA from dates April 1996 to 20 December 2012 before SORNA…. if you want to know more give me a hell yea!!! COMMENT REPLY TERRY BRUNSON