Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

Edward Ruggles

Rita , my name is Edward and I did 8 years in Michigan State Prison for a Sex Offense. I was able to get a Parole from Michigan to my Mother’s home in Florida. I did not receive a Parole my first time up for Parole , I received a ” continuance ” of 12 more months before I would be considered for Parole again. I was sentenced to 6 years, 4 months to 16 years, 8months. And as you know in Michigan you do every day of your minimum…there is no ” good time”.
Somehow, and I don’t know if this form will allow it, to communicate by Phone or E- mail in order that i be able to express to you how I was able to Parole to my Mother’s home, in Florida where my young niece lived at the same address, but in a different house trailer. I was not allowed to be in my Mom’s house trailer if my niece was there visiting her at the time. And I couldn’t visit my brother’s house trailer if my niece was home there.
This is very complicated to explain the very thin lines that would violate the conditions of my Parole and send me back to Prison for a Parole Violation. My point is, I was able to be on the same “land” , same postal address as long as there was two house trailers on the property.
I can only tell you what happened to me, I’m not offering advice so much as I feel that I would be helping you to look at the , not so obvious options that my experience of Paroling from a Michigan Prison taught me.
If you want to hear about my experience with the Parole process from a Michigan Prison, then I have to leave it up to you to make a pathway for us to communicate to each other . If we, or you decide that we need to to that here on this form I hope it’s allowed.
God Bless and good luck.