Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


My profile doesn’t say active, I just don’t have a teir now , I wander if there are no teirs now due to the new law, of course I don’t remember seeing the word active before, I saw a guy that came off three weeks ago who was obsconded but was put back on and not marked obsconded anymore, he is pre SORNA and due relief, I wander why they stuck him back on the reg now, I don’t know what psps plan is for people like this guy that were non compliant and now none are marked, Looks like all the none complaints are post SORNA and there are only 59 compared to over 400 or so like before. Svp delinquents at 58, Svp is at 2,095 Teir 1 went up to 14,215, teir 2 is at 1,143 Teir 3 is at 1,564, teir one has been up and down all day.
Mark and Josh congrats and good luck my friends.