Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

obvious answers

You my friend have summed up reality very well. There is no positive position. For every so called “victory” there is always at least 24 more retro-active losses on the ways threw the legislature to take it away. ..The only thing I question is the thought that most of us survive. Look at how fast things escalated in Germany from the registry’s to the camps and chambers…..Look at the horrible bloody acts hidden in Americas own not distant past..I sincerely believe as a country we are just one horrible law from the return of castrations and euthanization’s…. All it would take is one more Daumier or Bundy and a little CNN publicity to see it happen faster then you could get up and run… Unfortunately in a country of 325.7 million people the mathematical fact is that person is already running rampant and just waiting to get caught..