Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

obvious answers

I have a thought but first lets make sure we are on the right page..Mind you I am not justifying the behavior of the adult ..either of them (you as the absentee parent or the other adult) because yes as a negligent parent you are responsible as well.Own up to your failure.
If a “grown adult” which could be a 17-24 year old by many laws agrees to meet your 15 years old daughter for sex that would A. Indicate a willingness on her part (which means odds are not the first time) B. an extreme lack of parental supervision and guidance on your part (Because it isn’t her first time, AND she has time,availability, and lack of parental guidance for the meeting) and C. An ongoing conversation and discussion with said 18 year, that a good parent would have been involved in monitoring..uhm..cough.. cough..

So now we have set the stage..If a minor commits most any other criminal act the parent is also often held liable since it at least by extreme negligence they are a pretty dumpy parent, right?
So, uhm..why do you feel the adult (17-24 year old) would deserve of death BUT you the absentee parent deserve to shirk your responsibility’s not once but at least twice and have everyone else bear your shame and blame?

What we need is reciprocal and fair justice.. Parents being held to a degree of accountability for consensual sex crimes the same as the other party. Same as would be for most other crimes..
This could end many consensual sex crimes because parents may start doing their jobs? ..
There is no innocent party in a consensual case. In many cases the young lady’s have lied about their ages, are found in alcohol establishments, often out for nights at a time with no supervision, and even worse often with the parents permission . .
BUT BUT then comes the aggrieved and oh so concerned absentee parent, after the fact, beating their chest in holy rage blaming everyone and anyone except their own absentee parenting skills….
Come on folks…let us be real already.. There is a huge difference between rape which is a scenario of no choice and a rebellious young lady with absentee parents who have shirked their obligations, and this is a factual reality that needs to be considered. Why punish one guilty party and not the other? Would it not be safe to say a parent should be much more diligent and responsible then an 18-24 year old? And there for at least equally culpable since she is under their guardianship?…food for thought..