Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


I want to thank Brenda Jones & Ken Abraham as this article makes one want to stand up and open their eyes and see more clearly. Civil Government compromises a lot of things when they give these opportunities. I took criminal justice and probation & prole in collage but I never thought I woud have to use it this way. A lot of this whole ordeal is going against biblical principals in so many ways. Sure we’re not suppose to judge but speaking out if what we all need to do. Most American people dont’ know what people go thru on the registry go thru. Can’t even go to church without a chaperone

Look at how many people are on the registry that got duped up in all this. Now look at how many drunk drivers we have. Gunman even. And they say its for public safety. Now protecting kids is good but assuming just because one has a potty mouth that is entangled in all this well that’s a bit up in the air or has a porno pic of somme kid is a bit broadsided. Even some of you all that were induced just like myself and then they give you a plea deal or bargain. They are covering themselves.. Its like a one sided fax sheet coming out you from the DA and all one can do is plea guilty or not guilty.. where is true due process, You can check all this out in the bible its all there. I tell you what use your resources on the computer look up God and Government and the role of Justice. We all need action and to speak up about this.