Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

Tim L.

No man or woman or panel thereof can accurately predict the future. The utility in law making must be congruent with outcome desire. Most humans have the ability to learn therefore the best question becomes: How does society stop making sex offenders? Especially those whom eventually do murder. Is it necessary to leave undistinguishable a comparison of those who desire to cause pain to others? Many complainers of sexual ,”violence” make no mention of pain. Physical obvious pain. To focus in those proven capable of inflicting pain on a child (or living being) may prove more logical. Well defined terminology is important. NARSOL merely promotes RATIONALITY! Which leads to desired outcome.

While I’m not a paying member I see no attempt to hide individual heinous behaviors exhibited by those labeled, rather it implicates the baselessness of irrational\ vindictive ex post law making. Its focus IMHO especially the ambiguous use of the term sex offender. Painting with a broad brush has its inherent drawbacks and liberty implications. This group does not stand alone in it’s effort to promote criminal justice reform. That the American people have decided to let the FED so far into the day to day lives in individuals is an obvious enlightenment NARSOL enjoys. That they are here provides proof of free speech as the founders declared inalienable such.