Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?




“If a grown adult agrees to meet my 15 year old daughter for sex, the only help they’re gonna need is a funeral director.”

And YOU’RE here because….???
Let’s get something clear – NOT EVERYONE MEETS A 15 YR OLD ON THE INTERNET. I love how everyone is STUCK on the internet. Ever heard of co-workers? (Yeah, 15 yr olds can work part time, duh!)
Ever heard of a family friend or step-parent?
Oh…wait… you’re one of those who are also of the mindset that a 15 yr old cannot possibly make advances because a group of people in the legislature SAID SO.
Well, those same groups of people said a 16 yr old can consent in 27 states while another group of those same types of legislators claim they can’t consent until they’re 17 or 18. So thanks much for actually READING and COMPREHENDING what I said earlier. Kudos, macho man!