Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


This is an excellent article, to the point. The facts are, that most of the Sexual Offenders labeled by the Laws are not offenders, as much as victims themselves by the way the laws are written. Here in Pa parents were labeled as Sex Offenders if they taken there own child, children without permission. Of coarse along with other charges. This is now being corrected here in Pa. Thank you all who were involved! I hope that more things like peeing in a corner, are looked into as well as so many things that had been added since 1990’s. People who are labeled a Sex Offender should have a chance. I am so proud of the State of Illinois to take the first step to see that there is a problem. I know that my grandson was labeled something that he was not. I know that when he was released from prison, we had to go his parole officer that same day. Now every other week unless he shows up here. He also has to go to counselling for both a group and private sessions. These things are not free, and my grandson had just turned 18, so he did not have a licence to drive. We are working on that now. He has not been able to find work even with the promise of several. It took to long with his release. Thank god for looking out for him, because he had me or he would be like his room mate still in prison waiting for Housing.