Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Yes – Ithought the PSP could do this in a day but I did not know that there is a data trace and then a review then a trial court search to see the plea deal. and there are over 10,000 to do. The ML section is doing the best that they can. The budget did not account for this. The PSP is using money from other places to get this done as smooth as possible.

ACT 10 90 notices have to be done as well. SID # ID has to be redone so the PSP can know who is ACT 10 and Who is SORNA. It is like who is under new law and old law to if non compliance happen they will know who is who to prosecute . Then there is out of state people coming in. New cases to do present up dates- if what I am typing is making you dizzy – Imagine the reality of what the ML section of the PSP is going through – with no over time.

They have to do noral days work and do the ACT 10 and SORNA all in a normal day- answer the phone and talk as nice as they can to people that want to get off the registry now. Tell them in threat they are going to suit. And I can go on and on. Please be patient they are human and they are not the ones making the rules. The PSP is the fall guy to catch all the bull that is rolling their way.

When things get ironed out and challenge to ACT 10 start in the court and if any change is coming the PSP will get hit again by a PASC mandate from the PAG to stop and make the change the PASC is ordering and then the PS Assembly will counter the PASC and make a new HB bill to start the cycle again.