Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

obvious answers

you want to know the future?… Look at the past… Specifically let’s start at Nazi Germany… Brand a segment of society, take away their jobs and homes, fine and penalize them for the privilege of the government stealing all they owned,restrict where they can and cannot live, force them to carry a brand labeling them as a lesser human acceptable to be abused, make more and more retroactive laws against them, propagate and pander fear of them to the populace, condon vigilantism against them, place them on registrys, black list and restrict their ability to escape to other countries…… Do you smell the gas chambers yet? … Wake the flip up because like it or not that is the future!! You don’t believe it?? Look where you are on the list already!!! Only thing left is the gas chambers, and with your passports trashed where will you escape??? I really hope you aren’t holding your breathe on justice in those corrupted courts…