Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son

Not Applicable

Even though he should be allowed to visit his son. What if he cvisits his son with an escort present. Such as another family member, friend, nurse or security guard? If someone else is present with the father, wouldn’t that be a compromise? I have never heard any news stories about children being sexually or physically abused by registered sex offenders in a hospital . If anything its normally a doctor or nurse that you hear about in those types of news stories. I thought hospitals were very busy places with people moving about the place constantly. I think it be very difficult for someone to abuse anyone in a hospital without drawing attention to themselves. What about the rights of the child? The child has a right to see his father? Why should the child be punished? How unchristian? I thought hospitals were there to care for the patients instead of causing extra suffering to the patient?