Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


Someone mentioned about self-righteous people on here. Should we all take a look at ourselves for a second. Well law-enforcment does dedicate their profession to God but they seldom use the principles of God,, These internet sex sting operations done thru a computer are the very basic examples.

People on here have called law enforcment self-righteous hyprocrites, Didn’t they call the Pharasee’s that as I recall. I guess things are different than those days or the Jim Crow laws and other “Untouchable” events. Who gives another an opportunity to kill the conscious?
If thats the way people see law enforcment doing things in a shade tree unfathomable like manner than “YES” law enforcment has lost its respect and diginty in these types of unconscionable situations. Who know’s whats next or has law enforcment run amuck in this one area of this sex offender duping of mankind. Is law enforcment self-righteous in their judgments in a lot of this ordeal. Judge not or you be judged.

Now NARSOL like any other organization/advocate if one wants to say that, is to promote rational, true and fair dignity to these unconstutional laws and rights, and helping others is what its all about. We all should fight. Sure imput and decisions are always good, some are good and some are bad types of imput. Now I know we are all in this situation in some measures of this sex delimna but true justice and not blind justice will prevail if we all voice out. Fightening dignity and rights are great for any society. Its as if the blind are leading the blind with all this kayos. Take care of corruption and than let justice take care of itself or are morals dead in this day and age. Remember you can’t have true law without righteous law. So who’s judging sinners today or should we say, it takes a sinner to catch a sinner.

Sure we all need to send letters to President Trump or State governments or whoever one needs to or should we all just say “you can make a difference” or we can make a difference or just stay silent in this sex offender issue.