Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

No one has been here for three days and three nights. Staying away is not going to help the updating process.

Listen – The PSP has been inbolden with ACT 10 which is an amalgamation hodgepodge of HB 1952 and HB 631 which became ACT 10 of 2018 signed into Law.

For those who will have not time left to do on the registry meaning you have tolled 10 years – You will been encouraged to know that ACT 10 is a Muniz fix for you. YOU WILL BE REMOVED OFF THE REGISTRY. You may ask the big question – IN HOW LONG?

Well not long – The PSP is 1/3 done the data search and review. They have been given lead way in time to make sure they get it right. The pre-SORNA people beyond 10 are priority because the PSP don’t have a life time to keep people like you in a violation state especially you guys that when from 10 to tier 3 life time quarterly updating. You are the ones the PSP want off the Registry ASAP.

The PSP is also working with PAG office and the DA’s of each county in the Commonwealth to trace the flow of release of the regisrty. The trace is like let local Law Enforcement know who they are letting off. When the PSP send their letters out to you guys – Law enforcement will be in the know of the registration data from PSP. Some will even get new SID # that will distinguish you as an ACT 10 Pre- SORNA SO. compared to a Post SORNA RSO.

All this takes time. a reasonable amount of time. The PSP tracked it to about 9 to 18 Months. IF you can’t wait or don’t want to wait – you can visit a lawyer and waist your money to file a TUNC PRO TUNC Law of injunction. It is almost like a Mandamus but it is not.

A lawyer can tell you the difference. But I just want you guys that are in the dark on what is going on to know that you will get off the registry under ACT 10

Some will be let off SORNA and will get a 90 day notice to get back on ACT 10 because you still have time to do to make it to 10 years mark.

You can fight the PSP and The PAG on the issue of MUNIZ – but Muniz was for the SORNA – the PSP will let you off that only to give you 90 days to get back on ACT10

You can file a Civil law Suit but the PSP will claim their actions are civil and the retroactive application of ACT 10 will be looked at as a Civil collateral Consequence, and is not thus punitive. If you can get this – that is where everything is at