Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

Jill a mother of a rso

I my son and his girlfriend went thru this all. They wouldnt let him be in my home because my daughter was under 18 and he couldnt be a parent to his son. We hired a lawyer to help let him be in his own apartment with his gf and son to no avail. We got a bill, no justice. The laws are messed up and these crimes that they plead to out of fear only create more problems . . . Loss of family, support, lack of employment, education and then back in jail for some non criminal act listed on a probation restriction. . . Like looking at someones Vine video or taking a child to the doctor without permission or picking up mail across a county line when on a gps monitir device. Going to jail for things that humans simply do everyday is what my son went thru for 4 years because he wasn’t deemed “good to stand trial” because of his skin color ADD and his deep dark brown eyes!
My advice, beware of probation and get counceling for your family cuz you are in for the worst ride of your life trying to figure out how to just BE a mom who loves their child who is a RSO.