Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


This is where I have a problem with how NARSOL and other advocates for us word things to please the powers that be:

“These people need counseling, to be sure, but they do not need to be in prison. ”

How can you say this when you’ve also talked about how SPAM EMAILS which contain illegal images can get a person into trouble even though they did not request such emails? Just opening it out of curiosity to see what the email is (and let’s face it – a lot of people are stupid and will open emails that contain headers such as “Claim Your Inheritance” or “The Government Owes You More Money back”).
I’m really upset that you guys keep playing into the garbage of “they need help”. No, not everyone needs help.
Someone who has a rendezvous with a 15 yr old in a heat-of-the-moment lapse of reason doesn’t “need help”. The “help” is just one of those ‘feel good’ things we do to sexual offenders to please the public and the lawmakers.
If the legal age is 16 in a particular state but someone screws up and caves in to the advances of a 15 yr old….oh wait…we can’t say that either because we can’t even let on that we all KNOW that those who are underage could EVER be the ones to make the first sexual advances.
But keep this in mind: The legal age of consent in MY state is 16. Over the state line into New York State the legal age is 17. So, if I have a CONSENSUAL affair with a 16 yr old in NYS, that person is a “victim” and I’m a monster. But come back to Connecticut and that 16 yr old can consent all day long with anyone older than they are.

No, NARSOL, not EVERYONE needs ‘help’. Laws simply need to change and courts need to be able to determine, by the nature of the crime, that some people are not the threats to public safety that they are forced to be labeled.
The public is no more at risk of threat to their safety by me or most people who are on the registry than they are of a house fly. When the hell is someone who advocates for us going to say it like it is instead of lolligagging the truth?