Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


I was 29 and a guy lied to me about his age he said he was 19 and he looked it he was 6’1 total beard driving to come see me got into a bar with me when I picked him up not once did anyone come out and ask for a number our name or where he was going… Believe me had that been the case I never would have ended up in trouble! I found out after the fact she was a very “socially active” person making her a very negligent mother. He turned out to be 3 months shy of 16 which is the legal age of consent in North Carolina. He was allowed to talk to the DA once and he admitted to lieing about his age also telling the DA I was a good mother and person and didn’t deserve to go to jail. From my understanding that was the last time he spoke to anyone supposedly it was to emotionally scaring. Before this I had never been in any trouble with the law not even a speeding or seatbelt ticket. I did not have a very good lawyer and ended up with 3 indecent livery charges with a minor. I served 16 months incarceration upon release I had 3 years probation with 2 13-25 months hanging over my head and a parole period of 5 years. I also had to register which has ruined my life. When I was released it took me a year of not living with my own children to get permission from the parole board to be allowed to live with them. I am on the registry for at least 10 yrs at the end of which I can petition the court to take my name off of the North Carolina registry. I will never be able to go see my son play a high school football game or my daughter play a softball game or her 8th grade graduation I have to get special permission to see my children graduate from high school. I have made it through my 3-year probation and will soon reach my 4-year mark on parole at this point I have 19 months left. I feel that the laws regarding sex offenders are so generalized and it is completely unjust each situation should be looked at and judged by each case I would never hurt a child or anyone for that matter and I feel that My Punishment was taken to the extreme. I take responsibility for what happened I should have been more careful and making sure that he was the age he claimed so I do agree that’s some punishment was fair but not to this extent. I really wish there was something I could do or help that I could get to be removed from this registry I believe it is totally unjust and unfair. Just wanted to put my story out there and say that all the people that are fighting against things like this You Are Not Alone and feeling that our judicial system have let you down.