Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Pat I cant argue with you anymore you are ignoring the facts PSP is applying the new new laws retroactive but the people that had enhancements from SORNA are given relief from PASC rulings and the new law. 1500 plus people have been removed thousands more will be removed and PSP cant do Jack. No one removed is going back on. There are many things in the new law that will be struck down once challenged. You need to separate people due relief from PASC and the new law3 from pre SORNA people that still haven’t finished their original time on reg, they have received relief also just not given less time on reg because their time was not enhance3d by SORNA That is why the new law says it does not apply to people that finished their time, they will be removed and not put back on. Do you see that the people removed have finished their time and the new law can not put them back on reg? The new law is now in effect the new laws says people have 90 days to register their old reg dates do not apply anymore.