Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?


What does the future hold for sex offenders? Hope and true justice for all. I noticed in the article Sandy mentioned monitoring but that’s is man’s device and a form of bondage in itself. A lot of these sex offenses are really out of the norm of human reasoning.
Two years ago the Dept of Corrections wanted me to do my treatment program again, they told me this time the course is free. Well two weeks went by and I was out of the program. Yes I said something to one of the other new people coming into the prograsm of a true nature and they , the DA, the instructure, even my PO told me they decided they didn’t want me to attend. While I’m sure there was an underline to all this.. they law enforcment have their “pride” and wouldn’t comment on that.
Actually a lot of this stuff is dupping a lot of people up in all this “Katznjammer craze”‘. It like a fiction mets reality situation, but the realty is police enforcing and enticing sitting behind a computer giving & presenting people the opportunity. Now what prtdon dedicated to God would do that? Sure evil is evil but are they promoting evil with this specktrum.
Should we all go back to the ” do unto others as they have done unto you or should we say enough is enough. Sure they can put monitoring devices on peoples legs but are they trying to control one’s thoughts, one’s intent, who one seems in daily life, who one talks too, if they look at a person and lust in their heart, or if they brush their teeth regulary three times a day.
Doing something actually in public is what people should worry about not some mind control type of robotic’s. That my friends is considered a yoke of bondage and not freedom or liberty.
We all should address this as a redress of grivance as these things getting very out of line with basic law. I know some people have gotten on me here but if you take christiany out of law than what do you have. If thats the case than we wern’t born carnal, so we might as well be perfect as someone mentioned on here.
So what does the future hold actually that would be predicting just like they predict the sex offender.