Reply To: International Travel

Joe Camel

Hello, I have had significant experience traveling abroad with a sex offense up until 2014. While I am aware of the notifications that are obligatory, I in fact did no such thing and traveled several times to Europe from 2012, to 2014. I found no obstacles what so ever using my passport that does not have the sex stamp. Also, I was convicted of lewd and lascivious material, perhaps one of the lowest grades of offense. I even traveled to Canada with my college girlfriend to run a marathon in Vancouver. The issue seems to be A: informing the authorities about travel trips a system of notifications which ultimately and can totally restrict a PAST offender from travel, and B: in 2018 upon return to this country an un-stamped passport will be perhaps immediately confiscated, as the feds are using re-entry as sort of a “catch’ system to replace a normal passport with one that is for all intent and purpose stamped “child rapist”, as many other countries have no idea that having even possession of child pornography which technically problematically can’t outright be called child “pornography”, can result in being internationally identified as a child rapist on a passport. I have theorized a couple solutions for this problem of notification, without outright breaking federal law, but still have not found a solution for returning to the US. I could not marry that European girlfriend and she obtain a green card because of this status. My next girlfriend was from Mexico, and while she knows everything about me and is fine with it, we could not live together here either, could not marry, and so she had to leave for Mexico. You can’t really control who you fall in love with, so I’ve had a bit of bad luck here. I can’t imagine having a family here with police stopping by my house every year, or my job. Going to register I am harassed, intimidated and threatened, screamed at,(no exaggeration) even though I represent one of the lowest on the totem pole of offenders. The court ruled it does not constitute punishment, but it FEELS like punishment. I also realize what I did was morally reprehensible, wrong and illegal. I realize there are consequences for actions that we all must live with, fine. I paid my dues, I owe nothing to society now, however, the path for reintegration simply does not exist when I must live as a jew in WW2 Berlin, with a stamp on my passport no less. I am also keenly aware that traveling to many foreign countries that I would technically be allowed in, could also be potentially dangerous for my own safety. It is not only the customs that sees the stamp. It is the car rental agency, the hotel where I stay. There may be the restaurant in the hotel where I stay, where all employees would be aware of the stamp on my passport that was copied when I registered for the hotel. And as I said, many countries might only see this as literally meaning “child rapist”, and on that note there are people who would physically harm people in this country for merely possession. Who is to say in a foreign country where they might only understand that you have raped children, when you might have had only a few naughty pictures that you should not have looked at. They were beating homosexuals in the streets in Egypt only a few years ago. My British friend was beaten by the military police in Spain once. They simply do not give a sh#t who you are. Being American does not provide some sort of magical force field to protect you from harm, or others that may be with you. For instance, my brothers and mother would all like to travel next year, but I worry that my mother might be in prejudice’s path as it were.
Do you have any creative solutions? I will want to be hiring an attorney this fall, as I am gearing up to leave this country, that feels more like a prison every day. Thanks