Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



They can and will interpret Act 10 as they see fit . Act 10 does apply to  Pre-Sorna people because PSP is applying it retroactively. The only way we can stop them from applying Act 10 retroactively is to sue them which takes years. The whole point they made the new law was to take away the “criminal effect” of SORNA. They WILL arrest people for not registering for Act 10. Until a judge says Act 10 is criminal, it will be deemed whatever the Attorney General says it is and he is interpreting it as civil.

Ask any attorney. They will tell you if you get a registration letter, you ignore it at your peril. In the long run Act 10 maybe reigned in, but for the next 2-4 years it will be civil and they will arrest.

Yes, they will remove people who have completed their time. However, not people like my brother who still have time left on their original sentence. My brother is stuck until he finishes his time. He is almost done. I think he has 1 more year. Maybe less.

My Brother, you are a grown man and can do whatever you like. I am just trying to let you know you can’t just ignore PSP because a Court said something. They will come get you and arrest you. Remeber when you are sitting in a jail cell, you could if prevented it, but your pride and being impatient got in the way. Until they process the changes in your file, your last registration letter dictates your requirements. Just a friendly warning, my brother.