Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Pat all I can say is if other people are not going too correct you on here then I am not falling into that trap like others on here have. The reason it has been so quiet in here is because a false one sided argument has been allowed to proliferate and people are tired of beating the dead horse. Muniz Reed and others apply to any enhancement to a persons registration not only SORNA so just because the courts the legislature and the courts use to say pre SORNA laws were civil and not punitive doesn’t mean the can still say the same thing. Also any new laws will have to Muster up and act 10 will be in the same boat soon enough. This is all pretty obvious. Besides getting relief beyond having enhancements added to your registration is a totally different ball game and is what I think you are throwing into the mix here for some reason. for now If you have had any enhancements made to your registration you will get relief if you haven’t then you won’t plain and simple. The PASC has said in many cases now that SO registration is punitive that applies to all laws past and future. This effects all people retroactively and people not pre SORNAs due process rights. Things like SVP and many others will be challenged in the near future The PASC are the ones going to decide things for PSP and the legislature because they have abused their power and keep repeating the same thing in hopes it can sneak by. Sam Stretton has a case already in the pipes for the Bethlehem cop so the future is bright. I believe instead of people going back on you will see many more people coming off.