Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Pat you are way off base on what you are saying they have removed over 1500 people so far that can’t and won’t be put back on because their time is finished and even the new laws say that they do not apply to them end of story. There are thousands more that will come off soon too. What you are saying about PSP interpreting the new law we can CLEARLY see how PSP is interpreting the law that is in full effect now. The absconded people on PSP website has dropped from hundreds to as of right now 55 people and still dropping. The point that you are trying to make is strange you are trying to get us to believe that because the office workers in the ML section PSP are busy right now the DAs and PSP are not arresting people lol come on they will take people in for 10yr parking tickets in a name that sounds like a SO let alone non compliance they would be having a field day right now if they could. The fact is they cant and will never be able to arrest any of the pre SORNA people that have finished their time and were compliant up until they finished their reg time. I do not under stand how you can come to any other conclusion unless in reality you still have not finished your time and still need to reg un like the others that do not. PSP is interpreting the law just how we need them to and nothing is going to change that.