Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Dave
I agree with you. I was just trying to point out they do not ignore rulings, they just interpret them differently. The key is they are reading Act 10 as being civil, and since Act 10 is civil, they can apply it to everyone even retroactively. As someone who time is already finished, it is frustrating they can just take their time, but if we were late for renewal, we would be screwed. I think the Courts should have stepped in as soon it is was known they were trying to pass Act 10 and say “No, you cannot paper over our order.” However, now that Act 10 is out of their system, they have no excuse to. They got the bill they wanted and had time for the lawyers to read and interpret it.
Just like they told me at the local PSP barracks, nothing has changed except they cannot increase your sentence. My brother went down to the local barracks and was telling them “I don’t have to register. They told him “all the people that are refusing to comply right now are in for a rude awakening. As soon as they finish removing all the people that their time is finished, they are going to issue warrants for those Pe Sorna who thought they were smarter than the PSP’s lawyers. They didn’t stop because of the court ruling. They stopped because they didn’t have the manpower to go after Pre Sorna people AND process the changes for Act 10. “, I know what the courts said, but they key is Act 10 upends all that by applying it retroactively. Besides the courts DID NOT say you cannot be arrested, they said you cannot be convicted. Big difference.

Some on here thought by going to court they would beat them. However, they removed them like they wanted, but now they are just going to put them right back on. As soon as I heard the ruling, I told my wife they will just pass a new law so they do not have to comply. Furthermore, the only reason why Act 10 doesn’t increase your sentences is that it was one of the markers that made SORNA criminal.
It sucks you are a lifer Dave. Once the registry is ruled unconstitutional on 8th and 14th amendment grounds, then we will get our freedom. My dad was telling me how the laws in the South would explicitly treat black people with disrespect because they were taught Blacks were inferior to white people. My grandfather disowned my father for allowing Blacks to shop in the store my grandfather started. This was in 1995. My grandfather sued the local government to allow him to exclude Blacks. They told him that if He made his store open to those with a membership then he could exclude whoever he wanted. He sold the business to my dad.