Reply To: How one lawyer proves her faith in criminal rehabilitation


Now if I can get all my writing underhand and learn to proof read some of my comments I would have to say this lady is right about rehabilitation. I have to give this lady true merit for hiring a past sex offender and giving one a chance to get back some self worth and to enjoy the liberty that we seek under this blanket of sex registry that seems wrong in a lot of ways.
While I can’t understand some of this sex offender internet ordeal such as having to have a chaperone to attend church or being discriminated from just getting a job to help him or her to gain some means of support I have to stand up for this lady and for those that want to help others.
Yes faith in helping others when they are down is a God send. While we all still have a long road to go this is an inspiring article of one lady’s faith shine’s thru to help others… this should inspire others to help others when they are down in any situation as it appears the law at times takes advantage of others.