Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son

Will Crump

Helene, I’m sure the hospital views the child of a sex offender as inferior to the children of “respectable” parentage. After all, the registry and those who so rabidly support it claim they have the best interests of children at heart, however, these same “respectable, God-fearin’ Christian folk” will ostracize, bully, and even threaten the children of registrants. It seems all children are not equal in the eyes of these so-called “respectable law-abidin'” citizens.
Ergo, the hospital administrator could care less about this 9-year-old’s pain, sadness and fear. After all his dad’s a child molester. It matters not that he hasn’t re-offended in 20 years. He is looked down on a sub-human by the hospital administration and so tragically is his poor son.