Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son

Will Crump

I hope he prevails at every turn. How heartless of this hospital’s administration! I am so angry over this I can’t see straight! They abused a 9-year-old boy with a very serious illness all in the name of making a power play against his father who happens to be a registered citizen. If state law does not forbid a sex offender from visiting a seriously ill child, then the hospital should never have been allowed to enact such a policy.

I’m sure the hospital puts the value of this 9-year-old beneath every other child in the hospital. After all, his dad is a sex offender. So, screw the kid and his daddy too! I’m sure that’s how the hospital sees it. Either that or they’re the worst sort of cowards; scared to death some parent may find out about his status and give them all sorts of bad press or have their kids transferred to another children’s hospital elsewhere since they let sex offenders on the property. Either way the hospital administration’s behavior is inexcusable.

Again, the malevolent intent behind the S.O.R. is made abundantly clear to all with half an eye and half a brain.