Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son



Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. This practice should be banned in a lot of these situations. Do we all look at people as slaves or pawn’s of the states to control another? I go and see this elderly lady in the nursing home and seem to have no problem. This situation of this man being denied of seeing his son in the hospital is a bit tacky to put it politely.
Seems that a lot of this sex registry stuff is like a slavery ordeal where one can’t live out his or her life and is even enslaved by past encounters of one’s life. I don’t blame the person for speaking out about all this trouble of not being able to see his son that is in critical condition in the hospital. Seems like those in authority are not sympathetic in any situation. While a lot of this sex registry is a black mark against the United States We as the people have to stand up.
Its so ridiculous and out of focus. If man wants to dominate man than they are with this sex offender issue and all the bad things than man has no compassion even those in the White House. What God do they serve I wonder.