Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Anyone that is compliant after Feb 23rd has 90days from Feb 23rd to register under new act 10. If you did not have to register under a pre SORNA law or finished your 10yrs that was enhanced by SORNA to a longer registration period your review should be finished before the 90days is up. PSP will be mass mailing out letters to people to register under the new act. PSP is now telling people that were compliant past Feb 23rd they have until the 90days to register not your old update date. Your review should be finished before then and you will be getting a letter. Makes sense because the new act is the law now and it says people have 90days from the effective date to register. So if you have an old update date coming up call PSP and ask them they will tell you this same thing. My last day was the 9th I called and PSP told me I still have time to register and will be getting a letter stating it. She also said my review will be finished before the 90days is up. Cant argue with that after all it is the law now.